2010 Board Members

Executive Board

President Maggie Mustard
Vice President Michelle Smith
Treasurer Hiromi Sato
Recording Secretary Yvonne Sweat
Recording Secretary Lydi Orea

Oustanding Commitee

Sandra Vecchio
Jennifer Rozelle
Linda Heinmuller
Sharlene Amezquita
Doreen Sanchez

Read What Women are Saying...

Relocating to the Rio Grande Valley where my husband's job required him to cross the US/Mexico Border daily was a culture shift and took a bit of an adjustment. Having lived here almost five years, I can honestly say, I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything and would encourage others to take it.

The Maquila Women's Association has played a significant role in my positive experience. The friendships, laughter, philanthropic outreach, events, outings, and meals together, was a life line of delight...a home away from home.

D.C. from Atlanta

I was introduced to the Maquila Women's Association within the first week of moving to the valley. I instantly made friends and connections. This made settling to a new area so much easier than feeling alone. I had ladies I could call to ask a question or to have lunch with. It made moving here easy!

Janet from Michigan

Not once, but twice, a Maquila Women's Association, in two different locations, has been instrumental in my cultural and social adjustment. The volunteers who maintain this outreach to women in similar circumstances provide understanding, encouragement, friendship and tools to navigate successfully in a new environment. Bravo!

KCH from Indiana

I was met by women who wanted to know all about me and I soon realized that we were all in the same boat; away from home, family and friends. They offered a smile, an ear and a hug. I was invited to join them on shopping trips, local tours of the Valley, lunches, movies, dancing and lots of fun. What ever I needed someone I knew who to call or where to go to get it. These ladies gave me a new life and friendships that I cherish.

Jan of the Eastern Shore of Maryland

This was the only move I had ever made. My entire life revolved around family and friends in NY. I found myself in a new, unfamiliar place (a border town!). I lost my entire social network and my close family ties. Through MWA, I met women in similar situations and with similar interests. I made contacts, began to get involved and quickly became adjusted to life in the Valley. MWA continues to help make my overall experience with "living life in the Valley" quite easy and enjoyable

KC from New York